EnvisionTEC Preview New Vector 3SP® and Micro Plus 3D Printers at International CES in Las Vegas

06 January 2016

DEARBORN, MI - EnvisionTEC, a leading global manufacturer of professional grade 3D printers and materials, will preview their brand new 3D printing solutions, the Vector 3SP and the Micro Plus, today in Booth 72913 at International CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Vector 3SP joins EnvisionTEC's lineup of industrial 3D printers, filling a niche between the entry level ULTRA® 3SP® series and the large-frame family, consisting of the Xtreme® 3SP® and the Xede® 3SP® models.  With a build envelope that is 29% larger than the ULTRA 3SP, the Vector 3SP also gains additional speed capabilities that make it an attractive solution for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. 

The Vector 3SP includes a newly introduced single-frame design and a 15" touchscreen monitor on a swing arm to control the built-in, stand-alone PC.  All of EnvisionTEC's current 3SP materials have been approved for use on the Vector 3SP, and the blade system employed will also open up new material options in the future. 

 "We are pleased to present the Vector 3SP as an enhanced 3D printing solution for professional and industrial use.  This new release reinforces EnvisionTEC's dedication to providing the industry with constant innovation in additive manufacturing.  The Vector 3SP is capable of producing functional end-use parts with the exceptional surface finish we are known for with even greater speed than we have offered in the past," expressed EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani.

Also making its North American debut, EnvisionTEC's  Micro Plus line includes two variations, the Micro Plus Hi-Res and the Micro Plus Advantage.  This updated for 2016 desktop solution features a new body style, a touchscreen, and an integrated, embedded PC with Wi-Fi capability.  By eliminating the need to connect the Micro Plus directly to a PC, users can enjoy a more stable stand-alone system and with the added convenience of the touchscreen, the necessary files for printing can be quickly and easily transferred from any network computer directly to the Micro Plus via Wi-Fi. 

The Micro Plus Hi-Res provides a build envelope of 45 x 28 x 100 mm with 30 micron resolution in X and Y.  The Micro Plus Advantage provides a 60 x 45 x 100 mm build envelope with 60 micron resolution in X and Y.  Both models feature a dynamic Z resolution (material dependent) that varies between 25 and 75 micron.  The Micro Plus 3D printers can produce functional parts with exceptional surface quality without sacrificing speed.  Materials available for the line include solutions for a wide range of applications, including jewelry, toy, medical, industrial design and engineering and more.

"The Micro Plus line is another example of EnvisionTEC's dedication to innovation.  EnvisionTEC has always relied on a strong research and development team to ensure that we maintain our role as a global leader in 3D printing technologies," stated EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani, "We are not content with simply being at the leading edge, what is important is providing true solutions to our customers that include functional parts with best-in-class surface finish at high speeds and the Micro Plus line continues this legacy". 

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