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16 January 2017

Concept Laser continues on path to success

Lichtenfels (Germany), Monday, January 16, 2017: The brilliant position in the market of Concept Laser, the developer of the LaserCUSING process, also referred to as 3D metal printing, is also again reflected in the prizes and awards won in recent months.
05 December 2016

Spare parts on demand

Users of 3D metal printing are increasingly discovering the new possibilities and freedoms offered by Additive Manufacturing.
11 July 2016

LaserCUSING from Concept Laser in satellite technology

Thales Alenia Space and Poly-Shape SAS build Europe’s largest qualified 3D metal printed part for satellites. Topology-optimized XXL part: Koreasat-5A and 7 as a milestone for additive 3D metal printing.
01 June 2016

3D metal printing in the service of veterinary medicine

A beak for Gigi the macaw has been created with an Mlab cusing R from Concept Laser
11 April 2016

NextGen spaceframe combines light-weight construction and flexibility

Lichtenfels, Germany, 04/11/2016: Manufacturers are currently required to integrate the increasing number of drive concepts and energy storage systems into vehicle structures. Functionally integrated, bionically optimized lightweight vehicle structure manufactured flexibly with EDAG, BLM, LZN and Concept Laser.

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